Josh Slattery

Josh Slattery, BS Nutrition is a certified personal trainer, CrossFit Level 2 coach and Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach. Josh is also the owner of Old Town Athletic Club, OTAC CrossFit and SynerStrengthFitness in Beautiful Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Josh believes strongly in the power of attitude and works not only with clients on a training level, but also tries to engage clients through positive behaviors and encouragement.

Training clients at all levels of fitness Josh works to understand where every client is and help them to improve their fitness through strength and endurance exercises. Josh is passionate about health and fitness and hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle through OTAC CrossFit, SynerStrengthFitness and Old Town Athletic Club. Josh is passionate about not just providing clients with a training session, but a wellness experience that clients will find fun as well as challenging.

Some of Josh’s certifications:

Level 1: TRX Group instructor
Level 1: Precision Nutrition Certification

CrossFit Kids Certification
CrossFit Mobility

Johnny Ryan

Johnny Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science as well as a professional certification in Personal Fitness Training from the American Council on Exercise. He created and has operated Silver Spur Fitness Inc., a personal fitness training business in Fort Collins, CO since 1998.

Johnny began to develop a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals while playing division 1 soccer in college. He learned so much from the trainers that helped him prepare and get in shape for the high level of commitment that comes with playing for one of the most decorated and recognized collegiate soccer programs in the United States. It’s where he learned how crucial the concept of visualization and creating a positive mindset can be to your overall success with anything you do in life, including fitness. Because of that experience, he knew that he wanted to study Exercise Science and learn everything he possibly could to help others experience how fulfilling life can be when you have your physical and mental health.

Since his college days, Johnny has successfully assisted thousands of individuals who wanted to make their lives more fulfilling through exercise and fitness. Since 1998, through his corporation, Silver Spur Fitness Inc., he has developed successful fitness and nutrition programs and has acquired extensive experience with every age and ability. From individuals who are suffering from diabetes, obesity or are recovering from major orthopedic surgeries; to people who rely on proper training to be successful as world class athletes or to maintain the strength and stamina to protect all of us like fire fighters and police officers. He’s had a varied and interesting career as a professional personal fitness trainer.

Beyond the health & fitness industry, Johnny has other passions and pursuits as well. Most notably, he has a successful career as a professional singer, songwriter, performer and session musician. Johnny also enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, running the occasional marathon and of course, keeping in shape. He was born and raised in Denver, CO.

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Tracy Van Thuyne

Tracy is a graduate of Michigan State University and also has her Personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise, National Strength and Conditioning Association and has a Sports Nutrition Certification with ISSA. Tracy has both level 1 and 2 Funtional Movement Screen (FMS) certifications.  She has been training and teaching group exercise since 2002 and has always found living a healthy lifestyle to be rewarding. Tracy has trained future brides, pregnant and postpartum mothers, cardiac rehab in addition to weight loss and weight management clients.

She has three children and has experience in finding the balance in weight loss, healthy lifestyle and motherhood. She enjoys tennis, running, volleyball and enjoys playing and competing in various sports. Tracy believes functional training will help people find strength and enjoyment in their everyday lives. Every workout is fun, challenging and different so that success is possible and enjoyable! In addition to one on one personal training, Tracy offers small group trainings as well.

Contact Tracy directly:
Cell Phone: 970.231.5841