Coconut and Lime Energy Bites

October 23rd, 2015|

Make a batch of these energy bites so you always have a healthy option to grab when you’re rushing to the gym. They have no added sugar (the sweetness comes from dates), no dairy and no gluten. […]

Eggplant and Tomato Vegetable Curry

September 3rd, 2015|

Curry doesn’t have to be a treat meal. If you keep the oil to a minimum and use lots of spices and fresh herbs then it’s a tasty and nutritious mid-week meal. It’s also super easy as everything goes into the same pan. Serve with either brown rice or a naan bread. […]

Blueberry Waffles

August 26th, 2015|

This is a paleo version of a breakfast classic. You will need a waffle maker but all other ingredients are store cupboard staples. You can also leave out the blueberries if you are not a fan. […]

Turkey and Sweet Potato Pie

July 29th, 2015|

This is a healthier version of Shepherd’s Pie using low fat turkey mince. It also feels more suited to summer with orange zest used in the potato topping rather than cheese. […]


July 22nd, 2015|

Similar to an omelette this is an Italian dish and great for using up leftovers as you can throw in your pick of vegetables and protein. Make one at the start of the week and you can divide up portions for lunch. […]

Paleo Marshmallows

July 11th, 2015|

It’s camping season and that can only mean one thing – toasted marshmallows! Whether you are Paleo or not, this recipe uses only natural ingredients so you can feel a little less guilty as you chomp down and it’s a better option for kids. If you make s’mores go for dark chocolate to keep the sugar lower. […]

Chicken and Strawberry Salad

July 8th, 2015|

This recipe combination may sound a little odd but trust us, it’s delicious. It’s paleo friendly but you could add roasted new potatoes/wild rice for some added carbohydrate if you prefer. […]